Wednesday, August 26, 2009

THE FIRST BLOG—August 26, 2009

    It's been a long time coming, but at last…I'm here! The intention of this blog is quite simple. I want to pass along to writers of short stories, novels, memoirs, and other creative writing little bits of advice, encouragement, and technical tips that may help them (you!) move closer to a goal of publication.

Why do I want to hand out free advice and "secrets to success" when, in addition to writing my own books, I run a paid mentoring service? Because: 1) Not everyone can afford a professional writing coach or pre-publication editor; 2) I'm grateful to others who have helped me along the road to publication and wish to pass forward the gift; 3) Although it may seem counterintuitive to help the "competition" in a highly competitive business, I love to watch writers grow in their craft; and 4) (this is the sneaky part) I know that if you follow my blog and learn to trust and appreciate my help, you'll do one of two things: eventually come to me as a client, or look for and buy my books. Maybe both!

So, there it is. A mixed bag of goodwill and self-interest. I've laid it on the line. If you're game and care to spend a few minutes each week with me, I'll share with you what I've learned over the years while I've been writing and collaborating with some of the best editors in publishing. So far, the result has been the publication of over 40 of my novels with major, nationally distributing publishers and foreign sales to over 15 countries. And I'm still learning new tricks and strategies as the business changes, which I will pass along to you. Come back as often as you like for a visit, and take away whatever you find that's useful. If there's a topic you'd like discussed, let me know. If it's an issue related to writing that I haven't recently addressed, and I think others will benefit from the information, I'll make your suggestion the topic of a future blog. I won't be blogging daily, since I must protect time for my clients and my own writing projects, but I hope to have something of interest for you at least twice a week. Join me when you can to soak up the news, tips, gossip, and camaraderie of the writing world. – Happy writing! Kathryn

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